Accepted Papers

Research Track

Keyu Wang, Site Li, Jiaye Li, Guilin Qi and Qiu Ji
An Embedding-based Approach to Inconsistency-tolerant Reasoning with Inconsistent Ontologies

Jingyuan Huang, Quntian Fang, Sijie Wang, Zhiliang Tian, Feng Liu, Zhen Huang and Dongsheng Li
Argumentative Relationship Recognition Based on End-to-End Multitask Learning

Jin Aoyama, Takeshi Morita, Takanori Ugai, Shusaku Egami and Ken Fukuda
Automatic Action Script Generation to Improve Execution Rate based on LLM in VirtualHome

Yuxin Zhang, Deqiang Yin, Zhenqian Wu, Yike Wang, Shengning Chen and Guilin Qi
CDEP: Cross-domain Event Prediction Based on Continuous Learning

Cheng Deng, Jiaxin Ding, Luoyi Fu, Weinan Zhang, Xinbing Wang and Chenghu Zhou
COVIDia: An Academic Knowledge Graph for COVID-19 Interdisciplinary Research

Zhu Ming, Zhang Min, Zhu Junhao, Zhao Yanqing, Wu Zhanglin, Yang Hao, Peng Song and Tao Shimin
DSEA-KoBE: Quality Estimation Based on Distantly Supervised Entity Alignment

Hiroki Uematsu and Hideaki Takeda
Earthquake LOD: Seismic Dataset Construction with Ontology Oriented Design Patterns

Yukihiro Shiraishi and Ken Kaneiwa
Embedding Models with Inverted-index and Co-occurrence Matrices for Ontology Subsumption Prediction

Yuan Meng, Xiaoqiu Lu, Deqiang Yin, Guilin Qi and Wei Song
Enhancing Cross-Domain Term Extraction with Neural Topic-based Models

Nhu Nguyen and Hideaki Takeda
Exploring Cross-Language Differences in Wikidata-based Hyperlink Types for Enhanced Editorial Support on Wikipedia

Bao Liu, Guilin Qi and Yuxin Zhang
Hierarchical constrained attention for distantly supervised relation extraction

Yan Wu, Yu Liu, Tianyi Zhou, Qingzhe Guo, Feng Gao and Simon Gu
Index Optimization of Extended Characteristic Set for Temporal RDF

Yuki Sawamura, Takeshi Morita, Shusaku Egami, Takanori Ugai and Kenichiro Fukuda
Japanese Pointer Network based Entity Linker for Wikidata

Ryu Takeda, Munakata Hokuto and Kazunori Komatani
Link Prediction Based on Large Language Model and Knowledge Graph Retrieval under Open-World and Resource-Restricted Environment

Jianwei Zhang, Takeru Oda, Yuta Sasaki and Lin Li
Link Prediction in Dynamic Networks by Combining GIN with LSTM

Yizheng Zhao
Metadata-Based Term Selection for Abstraction of OWL Ontologies

Pooja Oza, Shubham Chatterjee and Laura Dietz
Neural Entity Context Models

Xi Tian, Peng Wang and Shengyu Mao
Open-World Biomedical Knowledge Probing and Verification

Cheng Deng, Bo Tong, Jiaxin Ding, Luoyi Fu, Xinbing Wang and Chenghu Zhou
PK-Chat: Pointer Network Guided Knowledge Driven Generative Dialogue Model

Akio Kobayashi, Akira Hashimoto, Tetsuo Katsuragi and Takahiro Kawamura
Recipe Recommendation for Health Care Using Food Functionality Knowledge Graph and Probabilistic Logic Programming.

Yike Wu, Nan Hu, Sheng Bi, Guilin Qi, Jie Ren, Anhuan Xie and Wei Song
Retrieve-Rewrite-Answer: A KG-to-Text Enhanced LLMs Framework for Knowledge Graph Question Answering

Riley Capshaw and Eva Blomqvist
Understanding and Estimating Pseudo-Log-Likelihood for Zero-Shot Fact Extraction with Masked Language Models

Poster & Demo Track

P-1 Chihiro Higuchi, Agustin Martin-Morales, Ai Oya, Mai Inoue, Misako Ikkai, Kenji Mizuguchi and Michihiro Araki
Toward the Construction of a Knowledge Graph from Japanese Food Ontology for the Prevention of Frailty

P-2 Yuki Momii, Tetsuya Takiguchi and Yasuo Ariki
Rule-based Fact Verification utilizing Knowledge Graphs

P-3 Atsuko Yamaguchi and Yasunori Yamamoto
A Comparative Study on Storing and Retrieval of URIs for Life Sciences Databases

P-4 Ryoga Nakagawa and Kouji Kozaki
A Fundamental Evaluation of Candidate Answers Generation for Question Answering Using Wikidata

P-5 Hirokazu Chiba
Formatting SPARQL 1.1 via Parsing Expression Grammar

D-1 Kunika Iida, Risa Kubo and Munehiko Sasajima
A Framework to Improve Automobile Design Efficiency Using Functional Decomposition Trees and Ontologies

D-2 Moe Fujii, Akiko Williamson and Munehiko Sasajima
A study of evaluation methods for individual contribution in group work using a online tool for creating nursing care plan and pathological related diagram

D-3 Aoi Hiraoka, Tomohiko Yamaguchi and Munehiko Sasajima
An Application of Functional Decomposition Tree Technology to Collaborative Robot Introduction Manual for Non-Experts



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